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States Must End Political and Religious Debanking
  • Paige Terryberry

Debanking is an attempt by major financial institutions, those with assets of more than $100 billion, to close the accounts of organizations or individuals with whom they disagree, whether politically or religiously.

How Hope Florida Is Putting Sunshine State Residents on a Path to Prosperity
  • Hayden Dublois

While millions of Americans across the country remain trapped on welfare, Florida has stood apart as a national leader in helping people escape the cycle of dependency.

A Job That’s More Than Just Work

Interstate Business Solutions employs 40% formerly incarcerated, proving jobs offer more than paychecks and a chance for a fresh start.

How States Can Empower Families and Make It Easier for Teenagers to Find Their First Job 
  • Liesel Crocker

States have the authority to change laws to allow teenagers and their parents to decide if they should work and what jobs they can do, instead of the government.

Knowledge Is Power: Party Affiliation Gives Voters the Signal They Need in School Board Elections
  • Michael Greibrok

States should require candidates to declare their party affiliation in all school board elections to help ensure that boards are not dominated by entrenched interests and instead represent their communities.

Robert Layne: Fighting Fraud in West Virginia

As part of the quality control unit for the Office of the Inspector General in West Virginia (and over the course of 23 years investigating criminal welfare fraud), Robert Layne knows what welfare programs are supposed to achieve.

West Virginia’s Medicaid Meltdown: How Medicaid Expansion Has Ravaged the Mountain State
  • Jonathan Bain

Under the Affordable Care Act—more commonly known as ObamaCare—states have the option to expand their Medicaid programs to include able-bodied adults.1 In 2014, West Virginia took the bait and expanded Medicaid.2 Unfortunately, the state fell victim to the false promises of expansion shortly thereafter. 

Fraud Fighting: Today and Tomorrow
  • FGA

“Welfare fraud is a pandemic in Nebraska.” – Keith Miskie As a fraud investigator in the state of Nebraska for the past eight years, and a former Omaha police officer before that, Keith Miskie has seen fraud in the real world. Miskie investigates fraud in food stamps, Medicaid, childcare, and more, and he’s seen how […]

California Ignores Its Own History to Give Illegal Immigrants Medicaid
  • Tarren Bragdon

The state already has seen the budget-busting effects of expanding coverage but is now doubling down.

“Well, Do Something About It!” Fighting Fraud in Food Stamps with Andrew McClenahan

Andrew McClenahan has been fighting fraud in public programs for decades, and points to one area in desperate need of reform: broad-based categorical eligibility.

Why States Should Defund DEI
  • Liesel Crocker

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of DEI initiatives that purport to increase diversity and promote an inclusive environment in schools, universities, and government departments. DEI efforts are deceptively named, and instead of promoting diversity, they are politically charged and promote a racialized worldview.

How USDA Sidesteps Congress to Rewrite Laws and Expand Welfare
  • Haley Holik

The majority of the recent increase in spending on the food stamp program can be directly attributed to decisions made by USDA officials.

Dr. Jane Gillette: Squeezing out Montana Priorities

In Montana, Medicaid Expansion was sold as a job creator and a net positive. $2.2 billion later, everything from K-12 education to transportation is getting squeezed out of Montana’s budget

Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen on Election Integrity

Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen boosts Montana’s election integrity with annual voter roll cleanups and a ban on private election funding.

FGA Applauds House Passage of the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act
  • FGA

Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) praised the House passage of the bipartisan Lower Costs, More Transparency Act led by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), House Committee on Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith (R-MO), and House Committee on Education and the Workforce Chair Virginia Foxx (R-NC). 

The power and value of work—First Steps Staffing

For so many challenging problems, the solution doesn’t just come down to “more government.”

The Biden Administration’s New Food Stamp Work Requirement Exemption is Keeping Able-Bodied Adults Trapped in Dependency
  • Jonathan Bain

With 41 million on food stamps and 10M jobs unfilled, new laws exempt homeless from work rules and expand age range for work requirements.


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