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Fraud Fighters: Protecting America’s Taxpayers

Welfare fraud happens, and it costs billions of dollars every year—for both the taxpayers who pay the bill and the most vulnerable who have their benefits stolen.

Medicaid Expansion Deceives States and Harms the Truly Needy
  • Paige Terryberry

The states that have already expanded should seek to roll it back. The 10 holdout states must continue to safeguard their budgets and protect the truly needy by rejecting expansion.

Joe Biden’s Welfare Wordplay
  • Hayden Dublois

Joe Biden’s Welfare Wordplay

Welfare is about political gain, not merely people’s well-being. This self-serving mentality largely explains Joe Biden’s dramatic growth of the welfare state since 2021 at a cost of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars and a weaker economy.

How Elected Officials Are Fighting Election Crime In 2024—and How Yours Can, Too
  • Andrew Welhouse

Election Day is less than six months from today. The world is watching and waiting to see who wins—and we’re all on high alert for the types of “irregularities” that happened in 2020.

First Step Staffing: Self-Sufficiency With James Roberts

Work, to many Americans, is about self-sufficiency. That’s true for James Roberts and other clients of First Step Staffing, an organization that has employed nearly 7,500 individuals—including veterans, those experiencing homelessness, and people impacted by the criminal justice system.

Richard Delaney: Fighting Fraud in Illinois

As a public aid fraud investigator for the state of Illinois, Richard Delaney investigates misuse and fraud in taxpayer-funded government benefits.


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