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The X Factor: How the Labor Force Continues to Be Decimated by Skyrocketing Medicaid Enrollment
  • Jonathan Bain

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, all economic indicators pointed toward a booming economy. Unemployment levels were at 50-year lows, there were millions of open jobs across all sectors of the workforce, and work was paying better than ever. Unfortunately, the pandemic derailed much of the progress made by the Trump administration, and the economy has yet to fully recover.

Medicaid Expansion Is a Bad Deal for States, Providers, and Those It Claims to Help
  • Jonathan Ingram, Liesel Crocker

The Medicaid program was designed to provide a safety net for children, individuals with disabilities, pregnant women, and other truly needy groups. But the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare, allowed states to expand Medicaid beyond its original purpose to include a new class of able-bodied adults.

Supreme Court Overturns Chevron: What It Means and What Comes Next
  • FGA

The Loper v. Raimondu decision is an opportunity to finally fix the crushing power of the administrative state.

Exposing Myths and Acknowledging Reality Shows Why States Should Ban Ranked-Choice Voting
  • Michael Greibrok

To listen to politicians, pundits, and policy wonks on the Left, ranked-choice voting is not only a better process to elect political leaders but also the key to saving American democracy. But talking points like these are not based in reality, instead, they are part of a growing number of myths around ranked-choice voting.

Ohio’s Frank LaRose: Our Elections Are Too Important for Fraud

Record-breaking turnout and trustworthy elections—that’s what the State of Ohio deserves. Secretary of State Frank LaRose is fighting to deliver just that, particularly at a time of heightened attention and interest in election security.

Fraud Fighters: Protecting America’s Taxpayers

Welfare fraud happens, and it costs billions of dollars every year—for both the taxpayers who pay the bill and the most vulnerable who have their benefits stolen.

Medicaid Expansion Deceives States and Harms the Truly Needy
  • Paige Terryberry

The states that have already expanded should seek to roll it back. The 10 holdout states must continue to safeguard their budgets and protect the truly needy by rejecting expansion.

Joe Biden’s Welfare Wordplay
  • Hayden Dublois

Joe Biden’s Welfare Wordplay

Welfare is about political gain, not merely people’s well-being. This self-serving mentality largely explains Joe Biden’s dramatic growth of the welfare state since 2021 at a cost of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars and a weaker economy.


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