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Promoting Reemployment and Safeguarding Benefits

From Unemployment to Reemployment.

State unemployment insurance (UI) programs are meant to serve as a temporary safety net while individuals look for work—not as a permanent entitlement. Due to shortsighted pandemic policies that lingered long after jobs returned, many people remained on UI for as many as 20 months while getting paid more to stay home than find work. This should never happen again.

Even now, long after the pandemic itself, the United States is experiencing a major worker shortage as businesses in every state desperately search for employees to fill jobs and try to keep their doors open.

Policymakers at the state and federal level have a role to play by implementing reforms that help move individuals from unemployment to reemployment. It is all about unleashing the power of work, allowing even more Americans to find fulfillment, dignity, and prosperity for themselves and their families.

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Our Promoting Reemployment and Safeguarding Benefits Experts
Brian Sikma

Senior Fellow

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Senior Fellow

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Data and Analytics Director

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Senior Research Fellow

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Vice President of Policy and Research

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Senior Data Analyst

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Deputy Policy Director

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Senior Research Fellow

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