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Giving Consumers More Options for Health Coverage

Expand Non-Profit Plans  

States should exempt classes of health plans from the definition of “health insurance” to allow more affordable plans to come onto the market.  

Expand Health Sharing Options 

States should exempt classes of health sharing ministries and plans from the definition of “health insurance,” particularly for plans created after 1999 and thus clearing up a regulatory “gray area.” 

Association Health Plans (AHP)  

States should allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to pool together to get more affordable health insurance options for themselves and their employees. States can also create a clearer pathway for new AHPs by providing “model” AHP formation policies.  

Short-Term Plans 

States should allow individuals to buy short-term plans that last up to a year, with renewability options for up to three years.

Expand Direct Health Care Options

States should allow patients to form direct health care arrangements with any physicians and for any services, without regulating such arrangements as insurance. Although 26 states allow these arrangements for primary care, only nine states extend this beyond primary care.

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