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Securing our Cities and Streets

Require oversight of rogue prosecutors to establish law and order

America has a crime problem, especially in major cities. Radical ‘progressive prosecutors’—often backed by leftist financier George Soros—are more concerned with pushing a political agenda bordering on anarchy than with enforcing the law.

But states can restore law and order. By empowering governors and attorneys general to act when rogue prosecutors fail to hold violent criminals accountable, America’s cities can become sought-after places to live, work, and raise a family once more.

2023 National Voter Pulse Poll, Center for Excellence in Polling

Countering the Damage of Radical Prosecutors

Grant governors authority to appoint special prosecutors and to remove rogue prosecutors when they fail to faithfully execute their duties under the law.

Grant attorneys general authority to prosecute more crimes, especially when a local prosecutor drops a case.

Require prosecutorial transparency by requiring local prosecutors to file annual reports with case outcomes after arrests are made.

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Senior Fellow

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Legal Director

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