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Protecting Patients and Expanding Health Care Options

Fixing America’s Health Care System

Health care is broken in the United States. Why? Massive red tape, a market devoid of transparency, and perpetual government expansions have caused costs to skyrocket, pushing everyday Americans and their families out of the market entirely.

And the “answer” many politicians push on the nation is a poison pill: a government-controlled, one-size-fits-all program. But Americans do not need even more bureaucracy or a system that promotes dependency—they need real solutions that provide options, transparency, and lower costs.

And now is the time. In 2022, the average health insurance premium was more than $6,000 per person. Reforms must be advanced that reflect good policy, practical politics, and address voters’ biggest concerns.

Our Protecting Patients and Expanding Health Care Options Experts
Brian Blase

Visiting Fellow

Hayden Dublois

Data and Analytics Director

Joel Allumbaugh

Visiting Fellow

Jonathan Ingram

Vice President of Policy and Research

Sam Adolphsen

Policy Director

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