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3 Three Ways the Biden Administration Could Ease Inflation

Inflation would certainly lessen in intensity if the White House would decide to get America back to work by ending the public health emergency’s suspension of work requirements, and if they would rein in regulation and revive the domestic production of oil and gas.  Read more...

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Five Reasons Wyoming Shouldn’t Expand Medicaid

The Wyoming State Legislature is slated to consider Medicaid expansion yet again this session. But before policymakers get too far down the road toward embracing the new welfare program, here are five quick reasons to give lawmakers pause. Read more...

  • Medicaid Expansion

America is ready to end the public health emergency

The era of social distancing, isolation, and quarantine guidelines has ended. Even President Biden declared the pandemic over. The urgency and uncertainty of early 2020 is nearly three years in the past. So why is our country still under a public health emergency?  Read more...

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UPDATE: The Momentum is Building on REINS

Congress has seen the need to curb out-of-control regulations and rein in President Biden's unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats creating a toxic regulatory environment for small businesses. Read more...

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Medicaid Meltdown! It’s Time for Arkansas to Rethink “Private Option” Model

Now that the pandemic-era Medicaid "handcuffs" are due to expire, Arkansas has an important opportunity ahead of it. It’s time for the state to regain control of its Medicaid program. Removing ineligible enrollees is going to be an important step, but policymakers can’t stop there. To protect taxpayers and preserve the program for the truly needy in Arkansas, the private model has got to go. Read more...

  • Medicaid Expansion

The REINS Act Would Help Fight Inflation and Job-Killing Regulations

Since President Biden took office, he’s imposed billions of dollars in new, job-killing regulations. These crushing new rules have cost taxpayers dearly by driving up the cost of consumer goods (read: inflation) and discouraging domestic energy production. Read more...

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Cheyenne, Wyoming

Wyoming Secretary of State: Don’t open the door to ranked-choice voting

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray discusses the importance of strengthening voter confidence in the state’s electoral process—and warned how ranked-choice voting won’t accomplish that. Read more...

  • Election Integrity

FGA’s Top 3 State-Level Wins in 2022

FGA played a part in close to 150 state reform wins last year, bringing the total count to more than 700 cumulative wins in 42 states since 2014. We worked directly with more than 400 state policymakers, and we’re not stopping now. Read more...

Top 2022 Public Opinion Polls from the Center for Excellence in Polling

Last year, the Center for Excellence in Polling (CEP) delivered timely insight into what the American people want out of their government through dozens of surveys, tens of thousands of voters, and countless hours of analysis. Read more...

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