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Miami Florida Skyline

Regulatory Reform Works in Florida—It Can Work in Washington, Too

Florida does things differently. For one thing, Florida doesn’t allow unelected bureaucrats to spend millions of taxpayer dollars without the legislature having a say. Read more...

  • Expanding the Workforce
  • Reins Act
hospital hall empty beds

The Latest on Medicaid Expansion 

Hospital budget shortfalls and outright hospital closures in states that have expanded Medicaid are the canary in the coal mine that Medicaid expansion isn’t working. But is anyone listening? Read more...

  • Medicaid Expansion
Patient Bed In The Hospital

A Decade of Medicaid Expansion Disasters

Since ObamaCare's rollout, 40 states expanded Medicaid to include able-bodied adults, leading to disastrous outcomes. The remaining 10 states wisely hesitate. Read more...

  • Medicaid Expansion
Hospital Hallway

When Patients Know the Cost of Lab Services, the Prices Stay Honest

Eighty-eight percent of voters support price transparency when shopping for health care. It should not come as much of a surprise, given medical debt is a leading cause of bankruptcy for families. Read more...

  • Giving Consumers More Options for Health Coverage
Facade Of South Dakota Capital Building In Pierre, Sd

South Dakota Bans Guaranteed Income—Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

South Dakota took the wise step to ban guaranteed income/universal basic income programs in the state. Read more...

  • Promoting Work over Welfare
Bank building

Debanking Treats Law-Abiding Citizens Like Criminals, But States Can Set Them Free

Hiding certain purchases from your bank may be common practice for criminals, but it’s not part of any routine for most law-abiding citizens. Read more...

  • Debanking
Washington DC - May 9, 2019: Sign for the US Department of Agriculture Jamie L Whitten Federal Building, located on the National Mall area, USA

Helping Illegal Immigrants, Hurting Local Farmers: The Equity Commission’s 2024 Report 

USDA Equity Commission's report pushes for changes in policies to include food stamp eligibility for illegal immigrants, aiming to embed leftist policies. Read more...

  • Rejecting The Radical Remake of America

FGA in the News: Stop Trapping Americans in Dependency

There’s a common theme lately: The Left isn’t protecting the American people. Read more...

  • Ensuring Fair and Transparent Elections
  • Expanding the Workforce
  • Medicaid Expansion

Video: Ranked-Choice Voting Explainer

Ranked-choice voting is confusing—and we don’t just mean the ballot. Read more...

  • Ranked Choice Voting
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