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Reining In State and Local Bureaucracy

As governors and state lawmakers combat an overreaching, out-of-control federal government, state and local bureaucrats cannot go unchecked.

To address this, Florida’s regulatory review process is designed to eliminate old regulations and control new ones.

The result: Florida has rolled back red tape at a record pace, promoting business and job creation and contributing to the state’s success as an economic powerhouse.

Elected leaders nationwide should cut red tape and hold bureaucrats accountable to the people.

Cut Red Tape and Hold Bureaucrats Accountable

  • Require state legislative approval for rules costing more than $1 million within five years.
  • Require governors to approve proposed regulations before they are submitted for public comment.
  • Require agencies to repeal an old regulation for every new regulation, offset costs imposed by a new regulation, cut regulations by a target amount, and expedite rule repeal procedures.
  • Establish a state-level office to conduct economic analysis of proposed rules or legislation.
  • Require state legislative approval before localities can apply for high-dollar federal grants that come with strings attached.
  • Require localities to meet notice, hearings, and quorum rules when enacting ordinances.
Our Increasing Government Transparency and Accountability Experts
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