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Promoting Reemployment

Indexing Unemployment Insurance to Economic Conditions

Tying the duration of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits to a state’s unemployment rate is a proven reform to replenish the UI trust fund, stabilize it for future economic downturns, cut business taxes, and move people back into the workforce more quickly when jobs are plentiful.

Preserving States’ Roles in Overseeing Unemployment Programs

Unemployment programs were meant to be administered by states, not dictated by the federal government. With FGA’s reforms, states can preserve their role in a program that should be a path to reemployment, not a perpetual government benefit that traps people in dependency and disincentivizes work.

Incentivizing Work Search and Long-Term Employment

Strengthening work search requirements for individuals on unemployment will help to ensure accountability for those receiving benefits, both encouraging a return to work and preserving resources in the program.

Create Workforce Development Performance Measures 

States should require workforce development agencies to evaluate the impact of each workforce services contract or program, including the impact on job-finding, earnings, transitions out of welfare programs, and taxpayers’ return on investment.

Our Unemployment Experts
Brian Sikma

Senior Fellow

Haley Holik

Senior Fellow

Hayden Dublois

Data and Analytics Director

Jonathan Bain

Senior Research Fellow

Jonathan Ingram

Vice President of Policy and Research

Scott Centorino

Deputy Policy Director

Trevor Carlsen

Senior Research Fellow

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