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Stop Giving Bureaucrats Free Rein

As President Biden continues his regulatory assault on America’s economy, Congress can REIN in regulatory overreach, which would help tame inflation and runaway spending.

The Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act would prevent any president from unilaterally wrapping the economy in red tape that drives up the cost of energy and busts household budgets. In 2023, this important legislation has been introduced in the Senate (S. 184) and House (H.R. 277), but has not been voted on.

Congress is not only permitted—but also constitutionally required—to decide major questions of nationwide policy. The REINS Act would bolster that mandate by giving Congress the legislative power to approve major rules before they go into effect. The REINS Act would broaden the Congressional Review Act to require congressional approval of major rules—those with an annual price tag of $100 million or more—before federal agencies could implement them.


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In 2021, the Biden administration finalized 69 economically significant regulations—regulations that carry a $100 million annual price tag or have a substantial effect on the economy.

In his first year, President Biden finalized regulations adding more than $200 billion in new regulatory costs—more than quadruple the costs added during President Obama’s first year. Cumulative regulatory costs have continued to climb since 2009, ballooning to $1.1 trillion under the Biden administration.

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Congress can tame inflation by restoring a constitutional balance of power and REINing in President Biden’s spending spree.

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How Congress Can Rein in Gas Prices—and Unelected Bureaucrats


By Tarren Bragdon

What if Congress could stop President Joe Biden from spiking gas prices?

We shouldn’t have to daydream. With the president pursuing a slew of costly mandates and executive actions restricting oil and gas development and driving up energy costs, Republicans must rally behind a dramatically expanded and improved version of the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act — the REINS Act. This commonsense policy would prevent presidents like Biden from unilaterally wrapping the economy in the red tape that makes everyday life more expensive for Americans.

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