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biden stimulus

Foundation for Government Accountability Files Motion Demanding DOJ Reveal Voter Registration and Mobilization Plans

The FGA filed a cross-motion in federal court as part of an ongoing case against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) asking the court to order DOJ to immediately produce its Strategic Plan for the midterm elections. Read more...

  • Election Integrity

FGA-Backed Case Achieves Major Victory in Federal Court Against Biden’s Weaponized Department of Justice

The FGA praised a federal court ruling which blocks the Department of Justice (DOJ) attempts to stifle protected speech and bully a political enemy into silence. We were proud to help defend the Eagle Forum of Alabama in court. Read more...

DOJ Continues To Hide Voter Registration Plans Just Weeks Before Midterms

The administration’s efforts, along with the secrecy it has imposed, have raised questions about how fair the administration’s voter registration and voter mobilization program is and whether it is aimed at providing a boost to one party over another.  Read more...

  • Election Integrity

FGA Praises Missouri Policymakers for Taking Steps To Combat ESG ‘Woke’ Investing

Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick announced a complete withdrawal of Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System (MOSERS) funds from any investments managed by BlackRock due to ‘a woke political agenda.' Read more...

  • ESG
  • Limited Government

Representative Ralph Norman Leads Congressional Letter Calling out DOJ Lack of Transparency on Voter Registration Executive Order

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) was joined by eight of his congressional colleagues in sending a follow-up letter to the DOJ expressing concern over the lack of transparency on its implementation of President Biden’s executive order on elections. Read more...

  • Election Integrity
  • Stop Outside Influence in Elections

New FGA Paper Outlines How States Can Transition People from Medicaid to Private Health Insurance

The FGA has released a new paper highlighting states’ power to move people from welfare to private insurance options.  Read more...

  • Medicaid Program Integrity
biden stimulus

FGA Applauds States’ Lawsuits Against Biden Administration on Student Loan Cancellation

FGA applauds the seven states suing the Biden administration to invalidate its student loan cancellation program. Read more...

biden independent contractor rule

FGA Joins Legal Brief Pushing Back Against Biden’s Weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ) As It Continues to Target the Administration’s Political Enemies

FGA has joined a coalition of groups and individuals in filing a legal brief in support of the First Amendment rights of the Eagle Forum of Alabama. Read more...

  • Election Integrity

FGA Applauds Attorney General Jason Miyares for Holding Individuals Accountable

FGA applauds Attorney General Jason Miyares for enforcing election laws and protecting Virginians’ voices at the ballot box. Read more...

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