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Richard Delaney: Fighting Fraud in Illinois

“If there is nobody going after any type of suspected misuse or fraud… you are allowing those bad actors to run freely. They will misuse those benefits until they have no reason to do so—and that could be years.”

-Richard Delaney

As a public aid fraud investigator for the state of Illinois, Richard Delaney investigates misuse and fraud in taxpayer-funded government benefits. He’s seen real-world examples of parents reporting children who don’t live in the home, incarcerated people continuing to use and receive food stamps, and even aggressive criminal cases of tax evasion and money laundering. Through it all, Delaney highlights the importance of the job itself—going after bad actors to protect the integrity of the program so the people who truly need it continue to have access to these benefits. Read more on the latest research and ideas to strengthen the food stamp program and crack down on fraud, both in food stamps and other programs throughout the country.

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