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Fighting the ESG Agenda

The Biden administration and corporate cronies are on the attack.

What is their target? Vital American resources, such as fossil fuels—the largest source of energy powering our economy.

This assault on industries to further the Left’s agenda is being waged through the financial sector with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing criteria.

ESG is an investment scam that deceptively uses Americans’ money to push political goals and cut off capital to the oil and gas industry—not to generate the highest returns for retirees, pension holders, and taxpayers.

70% of voters strongly oppose ESG investing.

ESG is an attack on the free market. What can policymakers do?

  • Give state treasurers authority over contracts with ESG financial institutions that boycott fossil fuels or pursue other politically driven agendas.
  • Empower attorneys general to investigate ESG institutions and demand accountability for their use of retirement plans, pension funds, and investments.
  • Ban ESG investing in state and local pensions, state contracts, and publicly funded postsecondary education.
  • Strengthen ethics codes for financial advisors who are not transparent with investors about politically motivated investing.
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