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Empowering States to Investigate and Prosecute Election Crimes

There is a stunning lack of confidence in the security of our elections—and yet, most states don’t investigate or prosecute election law violations.

Why? They have not established an election crimes unit to investigate suspected fraud or granted their attorneys general prosecuting power.

In many states, district attorneys (DAs) are the only ones who can prosecute election crimes and can choose not to do so without consequence.

What’s more, leftist district attorneys have been elected across the country with the financial backing of liberal billionaire George Soros. Soros-backed district attorneys now represent more than 70 million Americans and counting. They have a track record of failing to prosecute criminals, which leads to rising crime rates. Americans cannot trust them to prosecute election fraud.

That’s why state legislatures should create an election crimes unit and empower their attorneys general with the same authority as local district attorneys.


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Where Do We Currently Stand?


Election fraud happens—it just isn’t being vigorously investigated. The answer? A dedicated state office with a staff focused on investigations, a voter fraud hotline to receive public tips, and a requirement to report all findings to the legislature. Some states have established offices with this very mission, and more states should follow suit by creating an election crimes unit.


Next, states should grant their attorneys general the same authority as local district attorneys to prosecute election crimes. This will build checks and balances into the system, provide accountability for leftist district attorneys, and help deter would-be criminals from committing election fraud.


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The Violent History of Soros-Backed District Attorneys

Soros has made headlines for large contributions to the Democratic Party and leftist causes. More quietly, he has been helping to elect politically motivated district attorneys to implement policies too extreme to pass a legislature. With his deep pockets and network, Soros has contributed more than $40 million to elect far-left candidates, largely in local races. These Soros-backed district attorneys have a track record of favoring criminals over public safety.

Larry Krasner
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Received $2,959,000 from Soros
  • Under Krasner’s watch, the “culture of lawlessness” in Philadelphia has led to a 32 percent increase in homicides.

Alvin Bragg
New York, New York

  • Received $1,072,000 from Soros
  • Bragg has stressed reducing penalties for violent crimes—such as classifying armed robbery as a misdemeanor and limiting prison sentences “to 20 years, even for murder convictions.”

George Gasco
Los Angeles County, California

George Soros

What’s the Answer?

Empower States to Investigate and Prosecute Election Crimes.

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Don’t Let Soros-Backed DAs Ignore Election Crimes, Too


By Michael Greibrok and Madeline Malisa

By now, millions of Americans are familiar with soft-on-crime district attorneys like Alvin Bragg in New York City or Larry Krasner in Philadelphia. They owe their position in large part to George Soros, the liberal financier who has spent $40 million and counting to elect at least 35 current district attorneys. They’re well known for letting criminals walk free and refusing to prosecute repeat offenders. Yet hardly anyone knows the central role that many of them play — or fail to play — in prosecuting election fraud.

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