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Idaho’s elections are safe and secure, and we expect the same of other states. Protecting… the voting process is paramount to ensuring a strong democratic process, and our citizens need the confidence that their vote counts.

Governor Brad Little

About Idaho

Brad Little
Governor: Brad Little
  • Fruit: Wild Huckleberry
  • Bird: Mountain Bluebird
  • Flower: Syringa
Idaho State Legislature
  • Known for: Idaho potatoes, gemstones, huckleberries, and scenic mountain landscapes
  • Known as: Idahoans
  • GDP

    $94 billion
  • Area

    83,557 sq mi
  • Population

    1.8 million
  • Capital

Supercharging the Idaho Economic Comeback

Idaho has a great opportunity to be a state that shows the rest of the country how to dig out of an economic hole, protect the state budget, and get the state back to work. By tackling the issues that are most important to Idahoans, state leadership has Idaho on a fast track to a comeback and ahead of the pack, setting the state up for decades of success.

In 2022 we will:
  • Get Idaho back to work
  • Stop unemployment fraud
  • Reduce red tape for workers
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