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Dear States: Don’t Give in to Liberal Election Demand of Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked choice voting — which New York City already has in some local elections and states like Alaska and Maine have implemented to varying degrees — is a profound departure from the tried-and-true process voters know. Read more...


Moving to Ohio Doesn’t Make You a Bad Plumber

On New Year’s Day, Gov. Mike DeWine signed a universal licensing recognition bill that’s one of the strongest in the nation. It covers the roughly 650 Ohio professions that require workers to obtain an occupational license. Read more...

  • Workforce

How States Can Move People From Welfare to Work, Sidestepping Team Biden’s Ban

The Biden administration is blocking states from moving people from welfare to work. The federal government has banned state work requirements for food-stamp recipients since March 2020, and the Biden team is continuing this counterproductive restriction through at least April. Read more...

  • Work Requirements

Kansas Shows Every State How to Spur Employment

What’s the matter with Kansas? When it comes to getting people back to work, not much. The Sunflower State recently hit its lowest unemployment rate ever — 2.3% — and the rate has been less than 3% for over a year. Kansas also has one of the nation’s highest labor force participation rates. This success […] Read more...

  • Unemployment
north carolina medicaid expansion

The Covid Medicaid Money Grab

The government is wasting more than $16 billion of taxpayers’ money a month keeping an estimated 21 million Medicaid recipients enrolled who earn too much to be on the program. Read more...

  • Medicaid Program Integrity

Don’t Let Soros-Backed DAs Ignore Election Crimes, Too

District attorneys backed by George Soros are welll known for letting criminals walk free and refusing to prosecute repeat offenders. Yet hardly anyone knows the central role that many of them play — or fail to play — in prosecuting election fraud. Read more...

  • Election Integrity

The Child Care System Is Broken. Community-Led Solutions Can Fix It.

Throughout the pandemic, communities banded together to lift up their own. Child care cooperatives, nanny shares and outdoor learning pods popped up across the nation. Read more...

  • Affordable and Accessible Child Care

School Board Elections Should Be on Election Day

If you’re wondering when your school board elections are, chances are it’s when you least expect it. That’s why, in state after state, hardly anyone shows up to vote. Read more...

  • Election Integrity

Fix the Housing Market by Widening the Pathway to Work

A great place to start would be to reform the permitting process for housing development and clear the way for more people to join the workforce. Read more...

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