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Medicaid cost

Hochul Wants to Create a Middle-Class Medicaid Entitlement New York Can’t Afford

Gov. Hochul is making a middle-class entitlement New York doesn’t need and can’t afford. Here’s the backstory. Read more...

  • Medicaid Program Integrity

Medicaid Redeterminations Aren’t Just The Law — They’re Critical For Montana

The media’s portrayal of states’ efforts to reduce Medicaid enrollment in Montana following the pandemic has been about as accurate as Yellowstone’s portrayal of life in Big Sky Country: entertaining, perhaps, but nonsense. Read more...

  • Medicaid Expansion
WASHINGTON DC, USA - March 27, 2019: United States Capitol and Capitol Hill viewed from the National Mall. The Capitol building is the home of US Congress.

What the House Needs to Know Before Voting on the Child Tax Credit

The proposal would stifle work, increase the cost of other welfare programs, and even encourage tax fraud. Read more...

  • Welfare Program Integrity
California Governor Gavin Newsom

California Ignores Its Own History to Give Illegal Immigrants Medicaid

The state already has seen the budget-busting effects of expanding coverage but is now doubling down. Read more...

  • Medicaid Expansion

Out-of-State Donors Still Influence Local Election Offices

America’s elections aren’t for sale — but that won’t stop powerful billionaires from trying. Read more...

  • Stop Outside Influence in Elections

Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid Poses a Serious Threat to Program Integrity

Expanded presumptive eligibility in Medicaid lets hospitals enroll individuals with minimal checks, leading to unchecked costs and taxpayer burden. Read more...

  • Medicaid Expansion
group of school kids raising hands in classroom

Blue States Are On A Warpath Against School Choice. Here’s One Way To Protect It

After years of pandemic disruptions in public schools, tumbling test scores and chronic absenteeism, the parental empowerment movement finally broke through the education establishment dam in 2023 with a historic school choice tidal wave. Read more...

  • Education
Unrecognizable woman putting her vote in the ballot box, usa elections and coronavirus concept.

States Can’t Ignore Election Integrity

Better, but not nearly good enough. Such is the status of election integrity as states prepare for the 2024 election. Read more...

  • Ensuring Fair and Transparent Elections

It’s Not Hard to Stop Crime in the Big Easy

A far-left prosecutor’s recent carjacking only highlights that tried-and-true methods of law enforcement are what New Orleans needs. Read more...

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