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Increasing Transparency

Medical debt is a leading cause of bankruptcy for American families. In 2019, the Trump administration responded to this crisis by issuing a new rule on hospital price transparency, giving families a powerful tool to navigate health care costs.

Under this commonsense, market-based rule, hospitals are required to feature the charges for different procedures on their website and display shoppable health care services. It’s simple and popular.

But there’s a problem: Nearly two-thirds of hospitals are out of compliance thanks to the Biden administration’s lax enforcement. State and federal policymakers can respond with our price transparency solutions.

State and Federal Reforms

  • States can enact price transparency requirements with a law like the one Arkansas passed in 2023. Now, the state Department of Health must fine hospitals that have been found in violation of the federal rules.
  • At the federal level, legislation has been introduced—such as the PATIENT Act—that codifies the Trump-era transparency rules and strengthens enforcement mechanisms.

Why We’re Suing Team Biden to Lower Americans’ Prescription-Drug Costs


By Tarren Bragdon and Stewart Whitson

President Biden has touted his efforts to make prescription drugs more affordable, mostly through federal coercion and threats to pharmaceutical companies. Yet he is simultaneously refusing to implement a Trump-era rule that would help lower prices fairly.

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