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Government policies should incentivize individuals to work and be independent. Now there are misfortunes that happen, there are economic downturns that occur, so you want a system to provide a safety net for them. What you don’t want is for it to be the norm, and you certainly don’t want that to be preferable to having a job and being independent.

Governor Ron DeSantis

About Florida

Ron DeSantis
Governor: Ron DeSantis
Kathleen Passidomo
Senate President: Kathleen Passidomo
Paul Renner
Speaker: Paul Renner
  • Animal: Florida Panther
  • Bird: Northern Mockingbird
  • Flower: Orange Blossom
Florida State Legislature
  • GDP

    $1.2 trillion
  • Area

    65,758 sq mi
  • Population

    21.5 million
  • Capital

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