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In the News: The Best and Worst Policies in the States Right Now

Arkansas and Florida are two states that are leading the rest of the country in the right direction. 

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders just signed a landmark education reform into law, granting school choice, higher teacher salaries, and even more resources to help Arkansas students thrive. And as FGA CEO Tarren Bragdon wrote in Newsweek recently, Florida is an example to other states on how to implement Students’ Right to Know, cut bureaucracy, and reduce barriers to work. 

Unfortunately, not every state is reforming like Arkansas or Florida—though they should be. Until they are, FGA is working to expose bad actors in government and bring accountability through transparency. All that and more in the latest opinion pieces from FGA experts:  

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette OPINION | NICK STEHLE: For bold reform

“[The Arkansas LEARNS education plan] directly addresses the three most important components to a successful education: the parents, the teachers, and the students–all at once. It boldly takes on what needs fixing, and doubles down on what works.”

Newsweek The Top 10 Florida Policies Other States Should Emulate | Opinion Tarren Bragdon

“There has never been a better time to live in Florida… I’ve witnessed this rise first-hand, and I wish every state would learn from it. If other states did half of what Florida is doing, they would no doubt experience some measure of Florida’s seemingly nonstop rise.”

The Washington Times To be tough on crime, we must be tough on prosecutors who won’t prosecute

“In my hometown of St. Louis, the rise in crime since Ms. Gardner was elected circuit attorney has been historic… and since her election, our city has seen near-record-high homicide numbers in 2020 and an overall increase in homicides and auto thefts. Meanwhile, her office continues to allow cases to pile up, electing not to issue warrants and prosecute offenders.” 

The Federalist In Milwaukee Public Schools, ‘A’ Is For Activism

“MPS officials are advancing a scheme to use taxpayer-funded resources to help left-wing groups conduct targeted voter registration efforts inside Milwaukee’s public schools. Instead of using resources to promote academic achievement, resources are being used to promote a get-out-the-vote scheme to benefit the left.”

Notable media mentions:

Fox News Left-wing groups push Biden admin to get migrants, those in federal custody to vote ahead of 2024 elections 

“FGA has warned Biden’s executive order goes beyond the scope of the federal government. The initiative ‘deploys the full force and might of the federal government to do the work that should be reserved for political parties,’ according to FGA, which sued the Justice Department last year after agencies refused to release information about how agencies are implementing the election mandates.”

Real Clear Policy Medicaid Expansion Fails to Deliver on Promises

“Medicaid expansion is failing states across the nation according to a recent Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) report. The report found states that have expanded Medicaid have faced more hospital closures than states that haven’t expanded the program.”

The Minnesota Sun Minnesota Lawmakers Line Up to Support Ranked Choice Voting Bill

“The Foundation for Government Accountability, a vocal opponent of ranked choice voting, says the system is a ‘disaster in disguise,’ because it ‘needlessly complicates the voting system, leading to voter confusion, lower turnout, and slower election results.’”

The Carolina Journal North Carolina needs a ‘personal option’ in healthcare, not more government

“The Foundation for Government Accountability estimated that our state would end up with $7.7 billion in additional costs from expansion, but only $1.7 billion in additional funds from the federal government over ten years. That $6 billion shortfall will inevitably come from our state’s general fund taking money away from roads, schools, and police.

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

By partnering with FGA through a gift, you can create more policy change that returns America to a country where entrepreneurship thrives, personal responsibility is rewarded, and paychecks replace welfare checks.