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The REINS Act Passes the House!

Democracy dies in a cubicle.

For far too long, bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., have been the primary legislators in our country. And for far too long, Congress has been unable to take any serious action to prevent the runaway spending and out-of-control rulemaking that hurts Americans from all walks of life.

By passing the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, the U.S. House has taken an important step in protecting Americans from an overreaching executive and in reclaiming legislative authority for the people’s representatives.

The REINS Act requires congressional approval of any rule or regulation that will have an economic impact of $100 million or more. It’s a response to the growing problem of bureaucrats pushing massive, life-changing regulations with the force of law—knowing full well such a policy proposal would never pass Congress. The Biden administration is particularly notorious for this, having pushed through more economically significant, job-killing regulations than any other modern president—and the price tag keeps rising.

As FGA President and CEO Tarren Bragdon said in a statement, “The real policymakers in America are the army of bureaucrats—at least 2.1 million strong—who keep their jobs no matter who’s elected. They are almost impossible to fire, they’re overwhelmingly liberal, and they exert massive control not just over the economy, but over our individual lives. The REINS Act is the lever to loosen the grip the administrative state has on our nation. Congress is right to reassert its authority and put the American people back in charge of their government.”[MH1] 

Here’s what people are saying about REINS:

Rep. John James (R-MI):

“I’m voting for the REINS Act this week because my district is currently being suffocated by out-of-control government regulation. …It’s comply or die. The Constitution never intended to give unelected bureaucrats the authority to make these kinds of rules. The REINS Act is a vital step to rolling back these destructive regulations and reasserting Congress’s authority to legislate and it provides a key check on the executive branch.“

Rep. Erin Houchin (R-IN):

“If the Biden administration has taught us anything, it’s that this administration, and the bureaucrats within it, are in desperate need of scrutiny, to say the least. It’s our job, with the help of this bill—[the REINS Act]—to rein in regulation and hold this administration accountable.”

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA):

“The REINS Act represents a long overdue first step in restoring accountability and reducing government overreach. I am really grateful that House Republicans have prioritized this bill this week. We will pass it off this floor. We will send it to the Senate, and hopefully we can rein in the bloated government that is controlling all of our lives.”

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA):

“The REINS Act will significantly restore appropriate and constitutional congressional oversight for the out-of-control bureaucracy. It is a step toward ending the ‘Washington knows best’ attitude that too often prevails in this town. It is a step toward freedom and less government oppression for all Americans. It is a step toward fiscal responsibility.”

Rep. Tracey Mann (R-KS):

“Kansas and the Big First sent me to D.C. to stop the borrowing and spending spree. They sent me to pass legislation like this week’s REINS Act, which would block costly rules and regulations. Today, America is $31 trillion in debt, and soon we will be at $34 trillion in debt. This must end. We must work together now to create a real solution to this crisis, which means coming to the table, having the hard conversations, and getting this right for the future of the country.”

Rep. John Rutherford (R-FL):

“My constituents back home are struggling to make ends meet, and it is a direct consequence of this administration’s misguided policies and their insidious rulemaking. It is past time that we put a stop to the President’s abuse of executive power. Last fall, House Republicans made a commitment to our constituents that this Congress would hold the government accountable. This week, with the REINS Act, we have an opportunity to show the American people that we are keeping that commitment. The very first bill I cosponsored six years ago when I first came to Congress was the REINS Act. The REINS Act stops federal agencies from legislating by fiat by requiring Congress to approve all major rules before they can be enacted.”

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT):

“The journey of the REINS Act began years ago with profound recognition that something was fundamentally wrong with our federal regulatory system. We realized the power wielded by these faceless agencies was unfolding unchecked, eroding the very foundations of our Republic, rendering it unaccountable. The notion that a small group of unelected individuals could impose far-reaching regulations that affected every aspect of our lives was itself an affront to the principles upon which this great nation was built…”

“The point of this is simple: The power to make law is inherently dangerous and volatile. It can harm people, just as it can protect others. For that reason, it is not to be entrusted to any branch of government other than the branch of government most accountable to the people at the most regular intervals.”

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