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ICYMI: Soros-Backed DAs Make Cities AND Elections Unsafe

Shopliftingattacks on public transitcarjackings, and general lawlessness have dominated the headlines these past few years.

One of the biggest reasons is the soft-on-crime approach of district attorneys in several major cities. 

According to FGA’s Madeline Malisa and Michael Greibrok in their recent op-ed for The Washington Times and their recent paper, we have George Soros to thank for many of these district attorneys. The leftist billionaire has spent as much as $40 million to elect at least 35 district attorneys, who represent more than 70 million Americans with their terrible record of protecting violent criminals over the wellbeing of the public. 

To make matters worse, for 15 million Americans, these district attorneys are the only prosecutors who can bring charges for election crimes. That number could grow in the years to come. 

We already know these district attorneys won’t prosecute violent crimes—why should anyone believe they’d prosecute election crimes, especially when those crimes help candidates matching their ideology? 

The best way for states to fight back against this threat to create a state-level election crimes unit to investigate suspected fraud. Second, states should grant their attorneys general clear statutory authority to prosecute election crimes and hold bad actors accountable. This approach has served states like Arizona and Virginia well and should be replicated across the country.

How about your state?

In almost half the country, Soros is able to make it so only his far-left district attorneys can challenge bad actors in elections. That needs to change, or elections will look a lot like the NYC Subway—lawless. For more on the threat Soros-backed district attorneys pose to election integrity, and the need for states to expand the authority to prosecute, read Malisa and Greibrok’s paper here

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