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Governor Sanders Signs Generational Education Reform

FGA: “Governor Sanders’s bold leadership has fundamentally altered the course of Arkansas’s future.”

NAPLES, FL – Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) praised the sweeping education reform signed into law by Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The Arkansas LEARNS package includes provisions on parental empowerment, universal school choice, early childhood education and intervention, a stronger education workforce, student career readiness, and more. The bill passed both chambers of the state legislature with supermajority support and is now law. 

“Governor Sanders’s bold leadership has fundamentally altered the course of Arkansas’s future. This was not an easy fight, but it was the right fight—a chance for greater opportunity for our kids—and she won,” said Nick Stehle, native Arkansan, and vice president of communications at FGA. “Anytime you challenge the failing status quo with transformational change, you can expect resistance. But in the face of heavy opposition from legacy educational institutions and national media, Governor Sanders made this dream reform a reality.” 

“Battles worth fighting are rarely easy. And the leaders willing to fight them are even more uncommon. Governor Sanders stood tall in the face of unbelievable pressure and prevailed. This is how we reinvigorate Arkansas, and this is how we revive America’s struggling education system—one state, one law, one act of true leadership at a time,” said Stehle.

“A great education can unlock a world of possibilities. Under Governor Sanders’s direction, the next generation of Arkansas kids will be able to unlock the full measure of their potential and grab hold of their American Dream,” Stehle added.


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