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Sarah Coffey

Senior Editor

FGA is made up of a committed, driven team of world-class professionals. I’m excited to be a part of such a powerhouse team!

About Sarah

Sarah Coffey is the senior editor at the Foundation for Government Accountability, where she provides writing and editing support for internal and external policy needs.

Prior to joining FGA, Sarah worked as a self-employed copywriter for her business, Coffey Copy + Content, LLC. She also worked as a reference assistant for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis Archives. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Early Modern & Medieval Studies from Lindenwood University.

Sarah first experienced the value of work while working at the barn she trained at, caring for horses, cleaning tack, mucking stalls, and prepping horses for competitions. Sarah believes that when an individual has the liberty to reap the benefits of his/her labor, work is empowering and powerful and so much more respectful of human dignity than telling someone they need the government to take care of them. Her work has appeared in several well-known Catholic outlets, including Catholic News Service and Relevant Radio.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys fitness, traveling, hiking, and rescuing animals. Sarah is passionate about her Catholic faith and how it informs her daily life, relationships, and how she views work. She values ideas that respect the dignity of human life and wants to use her talents and abilities to promote those ideas.

A fair weather fan of the Saint Louis Cardinals and Blues, Sarah, her husband, and their two cats currently reside in Saint Louis, Missouri.

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

By partnering with FGA through a gift, you can create more policy change that returns America to a country where entrepreneurship thrives, personal responsibility is rewarded, and paychecks replace welfare checks.