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Finding self-worth: Misty, Recovering Addict, Watered Gardens Ministries

“I didn’t think that I’d be able to hold a full-time job ever again, and then four weeks ago, I got my first full-time job cleaning houses… I get to go back and be a functioning adult that has self-worth and value again. That is an amazing feeling.”

– Misty

Many Americans are trapped in a cycle of dependency. And for those also struggling with drug addiction, escaping its hold can be even more difficult. But with organizations like Watered Gardens, a non-government-funded ministry that challenges people who are struggling to be part of their own solution through work and accountability, there is hope for something better.

Misty knew that she had to do something after struggling with addiction and not being able to see her children. She sought help at Watered Gardens Ministries, where she found more than a place to lay her head—she found a support system, a job, and her self-worth. 

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