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Work creates opportunities: Beth Zimmerman, Director of Care Coordinator, Watered Gardens Ministries

“Not contributing impacts me mentally, so I feel certain that for folks who don’t have that as part of their life, that has to be a key component to how they feel about themselves, about their value, and their worth.” 

– Beth Zimmerman

Welfare programs do not create opportunities—work does. This is what Beth Zimmerman tries to convey to the individuals she works with as Director of Care Coordinator at the non-government-funded Watered Gardens Ministries.  

The purpose of the outreach center at Watered Gardens is to help overnight guests transition back into healthy relationships and self-sustainable living through encouragement. Beth emphasizes the importance of encouraging residents of the program to cast a vision for what their futures could look like. Here, she discusses how helping individuals to seek empowerment and self-sufficiency through work provides them many, many more opportunities than if they were to stay in the cycle of dependency. 

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