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Breaking the cycle of dependency: Doug Gamble, Outreach Center Director, Watered Gardens Ministries

“Growing up in Oklahoma, I grew up in a family that was very hard working. I had grandparents who both had entrepreneurial spirits… They kind of marked out their own path as well as my mom, and so we grew up with a pretty hard work ethic.”

– Doug Gamble, Outreach Center Director, Watered Gardens Ministries

When it comes to breaking the cycle of dependency, work is the solution. Watered Gardens, a non-government-funded ministry in Missouri, believes that the cycle of dependency can be broken when people are put on a path to self-sufficiency. Doug Gamble, the Outreach Center Director at Watered Gardens, regularly engages with low-income individuals and families to help provide them with purpose through compassion, work, and a sense of responsibility.

Here, Doug discusses Watered Gardens’ unique approach to serving the community by encouraging individuals to find the independence that comes with a job.

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