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FGA Profile: Alabama Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Huntsville)

“People are moving to red states. They’re tired of the heavy hand of government they find in blue states.”

– Alabama senator arthur orr

As budget chair of the Alabama Senate, Sen. Arthur Orr does the essential service of protecting the taxpayers of his state.

As he says it: “The government will always spend whatever you give it.” In the latest FGA profile of state leaders, Sen. Orr explains how he’s focused on tax cuts, tax rebates, and the guiding principle of “how [we can] get this money back to the people who sent it to us.”

Sen. Orr discusses priorities for the state’s $2.7 billion budget surplus, how Alabama has boosted its economy by indexing unemployment benefits to the unemployment rate, and why blue-state visitors end up moving to Alabama. Learn more about FGA reforms in Alabama by visiting our state page.

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