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Life after welfare: Tony Sutton, Student, Watered Gardens Ministries

“I never realized that I could be somebody. I now have the opportunity to study, to grow, to learn, and how to build healthy relationships.”

– Tony Sutton

Tony Sutton learned at a very early age how to get around the system to receive government assistance for himself and for his mother. For many like Tony, welfare and dependency become a way of life. It was not until he became an adult that he learned that living a life on welfare was not the answer. 

Through Forge, an outreach program at Watered Gardens Ministries in Missouri, a non-government-funded organization, Tony found the answer. Forge helps struggling men leave welfare and dependency by helping them develop strong work ethic through character development and career readiness. 

To learn more about welfare reforms that help Americans like Tony experience the power of work, click here.

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