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georgia voters support election integrity

Georgia Voters Support Election Reforms that Restore Trust in Election Process and Protects Voters

Naples, FL— The Georgia Senate and Governor Brian Kemp face scrutiny from D.C.-based Democratic aligned law firms for passing commonsense election reforms to improve procedures in future elections.

Within hours of Governor Kemp signing the Election Integrity Act of 2021, four law firms filed nearly identical lawsuits in the Atlanta Division of the Northern District of Georgia. These Georgia lawsuits are filled with unsubstantiated, racially charged rhetoric, but will fail to affect the election reform due to their lack of evidence and argument that the reforms discriminate against any voter demographic.

The Foundation of Government Accountability supports both chambers of the Georgia General Assembly and Governor Kemp as they implement commonsense reforms that make it easy to vote and hard to cheat in an effort to restore voter confidence.

“This pattern we are seeing with Democratic Party-aligned law firms filing baseless lawsuits against election reforms will create a false narrative that further divides our country,” said Chase Martin FGA Legislative Director. “The commonsense reforms passed in this bill are meant to restore Americans’ trust in the democratic process after an election with many last minute, pandemic related election law changes.”

The lawsuits have been assigned to the Honorable J.P. Boulee who will evaluate the arguments made in these four politically driven lawsuits and ensure Georgia laws protect all voters as the Georgia legislation intended.


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