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FGA Condemns the DOJ’s Frivolous Lawsuit Against Texas Election Integrity Reforms

Naples, FL—Last week, the U.S. Justice Department of Justice’s (DOJ) partisan Civil Rights Division filed yet another frivolous lawsuit attacking a Republican-led state. This lawsuit is similar to one filed this past summer attacking the state of Georgia and its commonsense election integrity law. Now, the DOJ has shifted its sights toward Texas, targeting its election integrity law, SB 1. The DOJ falsely claims that SB 1 violates the rights of voters with disabilities by limiting the permissible actions of those providing ballot direction and marking assistance to these voters.

This lawsuit also mistakenly claims SB 1 violates the rights of voters by requiring mail-in ballots to include either the voter’s driver’s license number, election identification certificate number, state-issued personal identification card number, last four digits of the voter’s Social Security number, or if the voter does not possess any of those numbers, a simple statement from the voter declaring that to be the case. 

“This lawsuit is extremely troubling, but not unexpected, given the great lengths the current administration has gone to weaponize the DOJ into an arm of their political party,” stated Chase Martin, Legal Affairs Director at the Foundation for Government Accountability. “FGA anticipated this lawsuit and has already filed an amicus legal brief defending Texas and its commonsense election integrity law, as we did in Georgia. FGA will continue to stand beside Texas as it takes on this barrage of baseless legal attacks from the left.” 


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