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10 welfare reforms

FGA Releases Guide on 10 Welfare Reforms that State Leaders Can Pursue No Matter Who is President

Naples, FL — This week, the Foundation for Government Accountability published a research paper to guide state leaders through reforms that promote work and protect welfare resources for the truly needy, regardless of who resides in the White House. 

State leaders prioritize reforms based on the needs of their communities, but new administrations can threaten the success of these reforms. The Biden administration is no different. Already, the president has made it clear that several state programs will require federal government approval, making it more difficult for states to pass reforms that will benefit their communities if they do not align with White House priorities. 

The Foundation for Government Accountability has identified 10 reforms that states can and should exercise to reduce waste and dependency across welfare programs in their states.  

“With an administration that has shown no interest in doing anything except spending more on our welfare system, it is clear that states will need to promote work and increase program integrity on their own,” said Scott Centorino, Senior Fellow at FGA. “The good news is states can do a lot on their own to reduce dependency, save taxpayer money, and protect the truly needy.” 

States leaders can read more about the 10 reforms that can be pursued without any federal permission in FGA’s research paper.


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