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Florida legislative session

FGA Applauds Florida’s Spectacular Legislative Session, Highlighting Great Leadership and Great Policy

Naples, FL— The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) on Monday applauded the Florida legislature for its successful legislative session, which was enormously successful thanks to the leadership of House Speaker Chris Sprowls.

The legislature improved Florida’s already strong election integrity laws, which will now prohibit private entities from interfering with local elections. It also improves cross-checks with state agencies to ensure accurate voter rolls, prevents ballot harvesting, strengthens observation and inspection of duplicate ballots and signature matching, requires regular audits after each general election, secures drop boxes, and limits contributions to ballot initiatives.

Impactful new education reforms will now attract the best and brightest students to Florida, incentivizing them to earn degrees in the most in-demand occupations. The legislature’s reforms attract non-traditional students to enroll in a free online university course and require universities to provide information online regarding post-graduation salary levels and student loan debt information.

In a major boost for Florida’s world-class economy, FGA-backed entrepreneur bills were passed to help encourage the creation of small businesses. These reforms encourage faster local permitting by reducing permit fees if a permit is not issued within minimum timeframes, prevent local governments from banning home-based businesses based on local regulations, and prevent local governments from requiring additional occupational licensing and fees for professions already regulated at the state level.

Florida lawmakers also took steps to provide tax credits to businesses that donate to child welfare prevention programs, and increased pricing transparency in health care.

“These reforms showcase the commitment held by Speaker Sprowls and the Florida legislature to securing our elections, growing our economy, and continuing to make Florida the best place to live and work and raise a family,” said Tarren Bragdon, CEO at FGA.

“Florida continues to lead the nation in opportunity—to learn, earn a living, start a business, and live the good life for everyone who calls The Sunshine State home.”


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