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FGA Praises the Georgia State Senate for Passing Bill to Ban Ranked-choice Voting

Today, the Georgia State Senate passed Senate Bill 355, legislation to ban ranked-choice voting from being used in Georgia elections. The bill, authored by Georgia Senate Majority Whip Randy Robertson (R-Cataula) now moves to the Georgia House of Representatives. 

In response to problems in the 2020 election, Georgia passed comprehensive, commonsense election integrity legislation in 2021 that secured drop boxes, enhanced voter ID, expanded legislative oversight, and cleaned the voter rolls. In 2023, Georgia lawmakers closed the “Zuckerbucks” loophole to prevent outside interests from meddling in election administration in 2024.

“After fixing known problems of past elections, lawmakers in the Peach State can now guard against future threats to election integrity, namely ranked-choice voting,” said Allen Cambon, State Government Affairs Director at the Foundation for Government Accountability. “Thanks to the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones and Senator Randy Robertson, Georgia lawmakers have the opportunity to protect their state against messy election gimmicks ahead of the 2024 president election.” 

Ranked-choice voting has a track record of disenfranchising voters; diminishing voter confidence; delayed, inaccurate election results; and creating voter confusion in Maine, Alaska, New York City, Alameda County, California, and more. The problems are so obvious that five states have already banned ranked-choice voting, with other states introducing ban legislation. Additionally, Alaska voters are seeking to repeal ranked-choice voting after two tumultuous years under the system.

“Georgia has done fantastic work to secure their elections. Banning ranked-choice voting is the best next step to prevent the Left from engineering election results in critical swing states,” said Madeline Malisa, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for government Accountability. “Other states have experimented with this failed voting system. Georgia would be wise to slam the door on ranked-choice voting and throw away the key.”

Georgia would join Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, and neighboring states Tennessee and Florida in banning ranked-choice voting.

To learn more, visit the FGA’s ranked-choice voting microsite: “Ranked-choice Voting is a Disaster”  

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