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Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Tarren Bragdon

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Named FGA’s 2023 “Governor of the Year” 

“Governor Sanders accomplished great things for her state and set a new standard for big and bold conservative reform. The futures of both Arkansas and America burn brighter because of her leadership.”

Naples, FL—Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) presented Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) with its 2023 FGA “Governor of the Year” award.

FGA is recognizing Governor Sanders for her bold, reform-minded leadership and incredible record of accomplishment since taking office on January 10, 2023. She set out to accomplish great things on behalf of voters in the Natural State. With nearly 50 good governance policy reforms and executive orders that FGA tracks signed into law, she has done just that.

Governor Sanders has shown herself to be a pacesetter, a consensus builder, and a gifted communicator in her pursuit of making Arkansas a national leader. Her record of accomplishment during her short tenure as governor is incredibly noteworthy because of the sheer volume and pace of reform she maintained while working to empower Arkansans.

Working with the Republican-led legislature, Governor Sanders made transformative changes to the way state government operates in the areas of education, welfare reform, protecting truly needy Arkansans, regulatory reform, creating opportunities, and reinvigorating the workforce. Additionally, Governor Sanders signed several executive orders to create efficiency and accountability across the executive branch.

“From education to the economy and housing to health care, Governor Sanders has tackled the biggest issues facing Arkansans with a fierce defense of our country’s founding principles and a deep love for her state,” said Tarren Bragdon, President and CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability. “Governor Sanders’s ambitious vision and incredible results in Arkansas set an outstanding example for the next generation of conservative leadership in America. What she accomplished in such a short time gives me hope that the American Dream will continue to shine across our nation.”

Throughout 2023, Governor Sanders withstood massive attacks from the media and those opposed to good-government reform in Arkansas to deliver a prolific session of conservative reform.

“Bold leadership comes with plenty of critics. But Governor Sanders’s grit and tenacity allowed her to stand tall, weather the storms, and deliver for her state and her people. She accomplished great things this past year and set a new standard for big and bold conservative reform,” said Bragdon. “The futures of both Arkansas and America burn brighter because of her leadership. FGA is honored to present Governor Sanders with our ‘Governor of the Year’ award.”

FGA’s “Governor of the Year” award recognizes a uniquely dedicated leader and policymaker who advances legislation that reduces barriers to work, increases trust in government, and promotes self-sufficiency and dignity for individuals and families.


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