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Bailouts Would Coddle Blue State Governments but Punish Residents

Just as the dust is settling on the presidential election and Vice President Joe Biden is being considered the presumptive president-elect, state and local governments have begun reinstating various lockdown measures. With the hope that more bailout money will soon be headed their way under a Biden administration, many Democrat officials are becoming even bolder in their efforts to lock down and control the economy. But not without opposition.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was forced to modify his recent closure of New York City public schoolsafter public backlash that his policies put children’s education behind the economy. In Southern California, people came out to protest new curfew orders that severely limit Californians’ ability to leave their homes at night. And in Pennsylvania, some bars and restaurants outright defied Governor Tom Wolf’s ban on private-sector sales of alcohol on Thanksgiving Eve. 

With edicts like these coming down from the top, it’s no surprise families are finding it harder and harder to get by. Businesses have closed up shop all across the country during the pandemic, and even those temporary closures are rapidly turning permanent. According to a local economic impact report, more than 140,000 businesses have closed their doors for good. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Americans remain unemployed nine months after initial lockdowns took place. And it’s rapidly becoming clearer that lockdowns are also having a dramatic impact on children’s mental health and well-being, not to mention their ability to excel in remote classrooms.  

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