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Why Is the Recovering Economy the Elephant In the Room?

America’s economy is coming in hot, and it is vital that Congress not ruin this rebound with legislation that could leave millions of Americans permanently unemployed. Some Democrats in Washington are working to do just that.

As new original research by the Foundation for Government Accountability highlights, the signs are all there: Unemployment claims are plummeting, jobs are coming back, and entrepreneurs are creating more new businesses than ever before. More than 1.7 million new businesses have formed since June alone. These markers for a recovering economy should be welcome news to us all, but you won’t find them among the mainstream media’s top talking points. Instead, they’re playing fast and loose with the “news” about our economy and are hoping voters don’t realize a full economic recovery is already underway.

During President Trump’s first term, the unemployment rate dropped to a record lowMillions of jobs were available, and millions more Americans experienced the power of work after being trapped in government dependency for far too long. It was an economy on fire for Americans, and a disaster for Democrats attempting to convince voters that they were “better off” before President Trump took office. But interrupting this success, the COVID-19 pandemic broke loose and all focus turned to fighting the virus. 

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