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Now Is Not the Time to Bail Out States and Increase Dependency

As Congress negotiates another coronavirus relief package, some are considering sending billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out state and local governments.

The proposal comes at a time when our economy is experiencing one of the greatest comebacks in history. This is the news the left doesn’t want you to hear. Millions of new jobs and businesses are forming, unemployment continues to drop, and the economy is growing at a record-shattering pace. Yet the most irresponsible state and local politicians are still begging for billions in handouts. Now is not the time to bail out our most mismanaged governments.

First of all, many states are in much better shape than some on Capitol Hill are claiming. The data shows there is no nationwide state budget crisis. It’s true that some cities, such as New York City, are suffering from self-inflicted wounds that existed long before COVID-19. But most state and local governments cannot claim a real need for financial rescue due to the pandemic.

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