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Stand Firm Against Democrats’ Effort to Increase Welfare Dependency

The end-of-year spending bill paired with pandemic aid being negotiated between House and Senate lawmakers is, what some on Capitol Hill would call “the last train moving.” So it comes as no surprise that Democrats are making a last ditch effort to dramatically increase welfare dependency through the Food Stamp program and kill pro-work policies adopted during the Trump administration. If America is going to escape the closing jaws of socialism and the welfare state, Republican lawmakers need to push back.

The current appropriations agreement funds the Food Stamp program, referred to as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) program at $114 billion — an incredible 71 percent increase over last year. The Democrats bloated funding plan isn’t meant just to support families in need during a tough time, it’s also specifically designed to inflate the baseline permanently — guaranteeing massive and unnecessary welfare growth for years to come. The proposed agreement relies on deep state data and fails to even consider that some states are open for business and the rest of the country could soon follow their lead, getting millions of Americans back to work. It banks on the devious Democrat plan to continue shutdowns and force people out of work, and it breaks the bank along the way.

In keeping with their assault on independence, Democrats are pushing for language to kill President Trump’s groundbreaking welfare reform rule that keeps California and other states from exploiting loopholes to sidestep statutory work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents. This reform alone has helped states move millions more able-bodied adults from welfare to work, increasing their incomes by more than double, and is the most impactful welfare reform our nation has seen in a generation. Lawmakers must stand firm in support of work requirements that have helped countless Americans regain their independence. 

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