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ESG, the Workforce, and Ranked-Choice Voting: What People Are Saying

If our elections don’t work, if our investment systems don’t work, and if Americans aren’t working, our nation, our economy, and our people suffer. 

At FGA, we work hard to move good ideas forward in the states that strengthen election integrity, promote transparency in investing, and get people back to work. This includes raising awareness of the dangers of ESG (environmental, social, and governance criteria) and ranked-choice voting and the importance of states regaining control of their Medicaid programs. 

Here’s what people are saying about our research and reforms: 

The Wall Street Journal: Moving to Ohio Doesn’t Make You A Bad Plumber

“There’s no single way to solve the shortage, but one contributing factor has been dealt with. On New Year’s Day, Gov. Mike DeWine signed a universal licensing recognition bill that’s one of the strongest in the nation. It covers the roughly 650 Ohio professions—accounting for roughly 1 in 5 jobs—that require workers to obtain an occupational license.”

The Washington Times: Dear states: Don’t give in to liberal election demand of ranked choice voting

“Each of these electoral issues — losers winning, valid votes being trashed, and delays in outcomes — is problematic on its own. Yet ranked choice voting combines them all, creating a voting system that is all but guaranteed to weaken the very democracy it purports to strengthen. Liberal activists are pushing more cities and states to adopt this failed system in 2023. The better bet is to stick with the truly democratic voting system that we already have — and can actually trust.”

USA Today: Who will pay for Joe Biden’s reckless spending? Your children will for decades.

“Congressional Republicans were right to vote to end this so-called emergency, and President Biden is wrong to keep it around until May 11. No crisis should be used as cover for pushing people into government dependence – and America into an even deeper fiscal and economic hole.”

Other Notable Media Mentions

Fox Business: Wisconsin to vote on work requirements for welfare amid workforce crisis

“Nationally, there has been a strong connection between welfare benefits with no work requirements and low workforce participation, according to research published last year by the Foundation for Government Accountability. The group notes more than 1.6 million people — about a quarter of the Wisconsin’s population — are enrolled in BadgerCare, and almost 300,000 of those are able-bodied adults with no kids in the household.” 

The Epoch Times: ‘Zuck Bucks 2.0’ Gears up for 2024 

“Election integrity watchdogs, including Virginia-based Honest Elections Project (HEP), North Carolina’s John Locke Foundation, and Florida’s Foundation for Government Accountability, are again raising the alarm about CTCL—this time, a year before the election rather than months after—claiming its program is a front for boosting Democrats’ turnout, especially in Democratic strongholds within swing states.”

Fox News: Over 100 groups back Manchin, GOP plan to block Biden’s ‘woke’ ESG investing rule

“The conservative organizations that signed onto the letter included Heritage Action, America First Policy Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, Climate Science Coalition of America, Club for Growth, Fair Energy Foundation, Faith & Freedom Coalition and the Foundation for Government Accountability…. The state treasurers of Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah and West Virginia also signed it.”

The Tennessee Star: TennCare to Spend $500M Because of Enrollment from COVID-19 Pandemic

“During the pandemic, the federal government paid additional funds to assist states with the increased enrollment. During 2023, that funding will be phased out from 6.2% in the first quarter to 1.5% in the fourth quarter before the redetermination is complete. The Foundation for Government Accountability estimates that 100 million residents in the United States will be on Medicaid at some point during March before redetermination begins.”

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

By partnering with FGA through a gift, you can create more policy change that returns America to a country where entrepreneurship thrives, personal responsibility is rewarded, and paychecks replace welfare checks.