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South Carolina, Ranked-Choice Voting Is a Disaster

This week, Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) senior fellow Madeline Malisa joined the Mission: Tim Possible podcast to discuss the importance of banning ranked-choice voting in states before leftist activists steamroll and destroy local elections. South Carolina is one of eight states currently considering bans on ranked-choice voting. Five states—Florida, Tennessee, South Dakota, Idaho, and Montana—have already passed statewide bans in the last two years. 

Here’s what Malisa had to say: 

“When we walk into the ballot box…and we don’t rank every single candidate, our ballot is at risk of being thrown out. And that’s not a bug in the system—it’s a feature in the system.”  

“Voters are disenfranchised, they are confused. Vulnerable voters who go to the polls and have been voting one way for years, they are not showing up to vote. Voter participation is down.”

“If you might be somebody, a voter going to the polls, who says ‘I’m pro-life’ or ‘I’m pro-Second Amendment,’ you’re going to be forced to vote for all of the candidates—candidates who hold the opposite political view as you in order to make sure your ballot counts.”

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