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Representative Josh Miller: A Story of Success

Arkansas Representative Josh Miller learned the value of hard from an early age, but he never imagined that it would apply to his own life so directly. It wasn’t until a life-changing accident left him in a wheelchair that he learned just how hard he was going to have to work to give himself and his son the lives he had dreamed of. He carries that same determination with him as a member of the Arkansas Legislature—he is committed to being a voice for the truly needy in his home state, and to speak up for commonsense solutions.

Rep. Miller knows that he will live with his disability for the rest of his life—but he will not let it slow him down or get in his way of being a productive member of society. Watch as Arkansas Rep. Josh Miller shares his inspiring story of perseverance in the face of challenges and the importance of giving a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

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