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Arkansas Lt. Governor Tim Griffin Promoting Pathways to Work

Arkansas’s Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin is passionate about work. And as lieutenant governor, he’s putting that passion to good use by promoting work—all kinds of work—in the great state of Arkansas.
“If you start with the premise that everybody is an individual, and you start with the premise that all work is honorable, then the goal is to find where every individual fits,” Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin says in a new video released by the Foundation for Government Accountability.
For communities to truly flourish, all members are needed to fulfill various jobs, but for decades government policies have prioritized certain jobs over others. To Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin, this is a big mistake. Pushing back against the common misconception that a four-year degree is the best and only pathway to a good job, Griffin shares how various pathways—technical training, apprenticeships, community college, and four-year universities, just to name a few—offer individuals an opportunity to connect with their passions.
“Let’s try to find what people’s passion is, and then they’re more likely to succeed. They’re more likely to build on that over the years and continue to pursue education in that field, because they love it. It’s not work,” Griffin says.
Work gives people purpose and enables individuals to live independent, self-sufficient lives. Lt. Gov. Griffin believes that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, and it’s clear that he has found that to be true for himself as an advocate and leader for the people of Arkansas.

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