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Kentucky State Representative Russell Webber on Getting Kentuckians Back to Work

“Our unemployment trust fund hasn’t been solvent since 1974, and I think that we’re going to see our trust fund grow stronger.”

-.Rep. Russell Webber

Unemployment insurance was designed to be a temporary benefit to serve as a stopgap measure while individuals search for work. But in the wake of the pandemic and the federal government’s unemployment insurance extensions and bonuses, individuals were less incentivized to return to work because they could make more by staying home. As a result, employers couldn’t find enough workers, and businesses suffered.

Here, Rep. Webber discusses how impactful indexing unemployment benefits to economic conditions could be for Kentucky. By tying unemployment benefits to economic conditions, the state will start to see its trust fund grow and Kentuckians move from welfare to work. To learn more about how unemployment insurance indexing helps get people back to work, please click here.

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