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The time for reform is now: Missouri State Representative Chad Perkins

“I don’t believe that these programs were ever designed to be a way of life. They were designed to be a way to help people get out of the position they were in.”

-Rep. Chad Perkins

State Representative Chad Perkins recognizes that his job is to represent the people of Northwest Missouri. And he knows his community wants election integrity. He also understands that issues with rampant fraud, waste, and abuse are draining critical resources in the state’s welfare programs—which ends up leaving fewer resources for the truly needy and costing taxpayer dollars.

Here, Rep. Perkins discusses issues facing Missouri such as election integrity, welfare program reform, and the need to fill jobs. In particular, he points out how the government allows much more fraud, waste, and abuse than a private business would—which only ends up hurting families and communities in the state.

To learn more about election integrity, welfare, and workforce reforms in Missouri, please click here.

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