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New Poll Finds Voters Support Food Stamp Reforms in the Farm Bill

Naples, FL – A new poll, released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), found that the vast majority of voters support commonsense food stamp reforms included in the 2018 Farm Bill.

As FGA noted, these reforms will refocus the system on the truly needy by prioritizing work for able-bodied adults through:

  • an expansion of work requirements to most able-bodied parents and able-bodied middle-aged adults
  • mechanisms to improve program integrity by eliminating loopholes and abuse that rob the truly needy of resources and keep able-bodied adults trapped in welfare

The poll found that 82 percent of all voters support requiring able-bodied adults to work or participate in a job training program at least part-time in order to receive food stamps.

The poll also concluded that:

  • 84 percent of voters support requiring single parents on food stamps to cooperate with state chid support enforcement efforts
  • 77 percent of voters want states to check assets of individuals apply for or receiving food stamps to maintain program integrity
  • 88 percent of voters support data-sharing between states to prevent individuals from collecting benefits in multiple states simultaneously
  • 87 percent of voters want to limit the number of times an individual can apply for EBT card replacement without review

“It is clear from the results of this poll that voters are counting on Congress to do their jobs and implement commonsense reforms that will ensure food stamp program integrity and refocus efforts on getting Americans off the sidelines and back to work,” said Tarren Bragdon, President and CEO of FGA.

For more information and resources on the 2018 Farm Bill, click here.

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