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New Analysis Finds AHCA Reduces Premiums on the Individual Market

Washington, D.C. — Recent analysis conducted by the Foundation for Government Accountability finds that the American Health Care Act, including the Palmer-Schweikert and MacArthur amendments, would reduce premiums for Americans buying insurance on their own off the exchange – potentially up to 50%.

FGA’s research also concluded that:

  • Americans ages 60-64 could see premiums drop by as much as 45% after new AHCA tax credits begin in 2020
  • Under a MacArthur waiver, most Americans under 50 could purchase coverage with similar benefits to pre-ACA plans at little or no net cost to them (for those eligible for the full tax credit) after the tax credits begin in 2020
  • The current version of the AHCA reverses the costliest regulations on private insurance imposed by the ACA that have driven up costs for Americans getting insurance outside their employer and on their own

“With the addition of the Palmer-Schweikert and MacArthur amendments, the AHCA promises to be a viable solution for states seeking relief from the Affordable Care Act with protections for those with pre-existing conditions,” says FGA CEO Tarren Bragdon. “I am encouraged by the strides the House has made and look forward to additional progress in the Senate.”

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