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FGA’s Greatest Hits – April 2017

FGA’s leadership in advancing intelligent solutions for health care, welfare, and licensing reform continued in April with success at the state and federal level.

The federal debate on ObamaCare repeal has led to a conversation about the implementation of invisible risk-sharing programs. FGA took the lead, commissioning a study with the actuarial firm Milliman that received national attention and helped to spur the introduction of the Palmer-Schweikert Amendment to the AHCA.  Also this month, we offered the President three simple solutions he can do right now to help lift individuals from poverty and free them from government dependence.

We also continued blazing trails in the states as we work toward reducing job-killing regulations. Senior Research Fellow Jared Meyer had the opportunity to interview Arizona Governor Doug Ducey regarding his goals to eliminate restrictive licenses and open up markets for increased opportunities.

Read more about all of this and more below.

Healthcare risk-sharing could ease the fears of a risk-averse Congress

As Congress moves to repeal ObamaCare, learn how FGA is driving the conversation on how Congress can “lower premiums across the private market, help those with pre-existing conditions, and even reduce the number of people without insurance.”

Three Things President Trump Can Do to Reduce Dependency

In his inaugural address, President Trump promised to “get our people off of welfare and back to work.” FGA Senior Research Fellow Nicholas Horton offers the President these three proven ways to accomplish the task and begin lifting people from poverty.

Government Doesn’t Have To Be Broken

Don’t miss this dynamic interview with Doug Ducey, the governor of Arizona as he reveals his plans to create a state government that “respects its limited role, and listens to the people.”

How asinine, job-killing regulations are holding Detroit back

A new report that focuses on Michigan “provides a roadmap for other states to follow as they work to restore sanity to their occupational licensing laws.” Read how Detroit occupational licensing is out of control and what can be done to fix it.

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

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