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New FGA Paper Highlights Three Reforms To Encourage More Entrepreneurship in Younger Populations

Naples, FL—Today the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) released a new paper entitled “Three State Policies To Make Way for Young Entrepreneurs.” The report asks states to leverage America’s new economic landscape to encourage younger citizens to become entrepreneurs and learn how to start and run their own business.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise across the country, and while there are always challenges and risks associated with this process, unnecessary government regulations and restrictions can make it even more burdensome. The three policies proposed in the paper are designed to provide states with a way to encourage entrepreneurship among younger demographics by eliminating work permits, preempting local licensing requirements, and protecting home-based work. 

“Young Americans today are looking for creative ways to command their own work hours and to provide financial security for themselves,” said Haley Holik, Senior Fellow at FGA and author of the paper. “By removing unnecessary government regulations and reducing barriers to starting a business, states can encourage their younger residents to start and grow their own businesses, create jobs, and do their part to grow their state’s economy.”


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