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FGA Releases Research that Shows How States Can Remove Barriers for Entrepreneurship

Naples, FL—Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) released research that shows how Florida lawmakers removed barriers to work and encouraged new business creation in the Sunshine State, ultimately leading to greater economic success and less government dependency.

With the support of Governor Ron DeSantis, Speaker Chris Sprowls and Florida lawmakers eliminated barriers that discouraged job creators and small businesses. Solutions passed in the landmark 2021 Entrepreneurship Agenda include:

  • Statewide standards that determine how local governments can regulate home-based businesses to prevent complex and burdensome regulations.
  • Minimum processing times for local governments to review building permit applications to encourage efficiency.
  • Prohibition of local licensing requirements in order to increase work opportunities across the state.
  • Metrics that track the success of job training programs and streamline job placement to move people out of government dependency.

“During a time of workforce shortages and economic downturn, Florida lawmakers showed their commitment to work by eliminating red tape for entrepreneurs and small businesses,” said Haley Holik, Senior Fellow at FGA. “State leaders should focus on enacting reforms that prioritize work and economic recovery. Commonsense reforms that empower entrepreneurs and small businesses can do just that.”

States should enact commonsense reforms like these to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses and eliminate unnecessary, inconsistent regulations.


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