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New Video Highlights the Benefits of Independent Contracting

Naples, FL — A new video released by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) shows the freedom and economic opportunity that independent contracting provides for workers and businesses.

The video highlights Corina Gilbert, a graphic designer based in an economically disadvantaged town in central Maine. By independently contracting with multiple clients across the country, Corina is able to work remotely and support herself and her family while also contributing to her local economy.

Research shows that 30 percent of the American workforce currently freelances to earn at least part of their incomes. Empowering independent contractors allows businesses to hire more workers and creates flexibility, helping individuals of all income levels and all geographic areas, including rural areas that lack economic opportunity.

Though independent contracting is a beneficial and growing trend, 31 states limit this opportunity for workers and businesses with complicated contractor definitions and red tape.

“Corina’s story highlights the freedom that work brings not only to the individual worker, but to their surrounding community,” said Jared Meyer, a senior fellow at FGA. “Independent contracting allows millions of workers to be financially independent, even if they are geographically dependent, keeping them in the workforce, off welfare, and spurring the economy.”


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