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New FGA Videos Highlight the Importance of Eliminating Regulations

NAPLES, FL- Two new videos released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) highlight the importance of empowering individuals by removing barriers created by excessive regulations and occupational licenses.

The first, “Executive Excellence: Governor Doug Ducey on Eliminating Regulations” highlights Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s passion for eliminating barriers to work. FGA applauds his efforts to empower individuals by removing unnecessary fees and regulations that hinder opportunity and growth.

“[Of course] we want to protect public health and public safety, but if a regulation doesn’t do that, it has got to go,” says Gov. Ducey. He explains that through deregulation, individual dignity is restored, the workforce grows, and technology and innovation thrive. “We want to clear the obstacles for our business owners.”

The second video, “Juan’s Story: A Passion to Serve,” highlights how government regulations and licensing boards can often get in the way of an individual’s ability to work – even charitably. Cosmetology student Juan Carlos Montes de Oca practiced his trade by giving free haircuts to homeless veterans, yet was investigated for doing so without a license. Governor Ducey stepped in to rectify the situation, calling the investigation “outrageous.”

FGA’s Freedom to Work reforms reiterate the importance of work as key to reducing government dependency and creating opportunity for Americans. Further, FGA’s Licensing Board Lobbying Ban solution aims to make it difficult for special interest groups to limit competition.

“I think lawmakers should allow students to provide charity, without fear of punishment,” says Montes de Oca, “We should never be scared to do something to help somebody else because of the government.”

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